10.25 inch 11.0 android car multimedia player for Range Rover Evoque

  10.25-inch touchscreen offers a visually appealing interface, split-screen capabilities, and custom-built widgets for easy access to your commonly used apps. It also comprises GPS navigation capabilities with preinstalled global maps. Read on to find out the benefits of this system!

It Has High-Quality A Loud Sound System

 This car multimedia player also boasts a loud sound system, perfect for those who like to turn up the music on road trips or long drives. 

Supports Various External Devices

 In addition to its built-in features, this car multimedia player supports various external devices, such as smartphones and USB drives, allowing for even more entertainment options. It also has a rearview camera input for added safety while reversing.

 It is an excellent option for upgrading their in-car entertainment and navigation experience. 

Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity Via Hotspot Supports 802.11 B/G/N Networks

 This allows for easy access to streaming platforms such as Spotify and Pandora and the ability to download and update maps without needing external devices.

 The multimedia player provides high-quality audio and visual experience with added convenience and safety features.


Support Multi-Touch Screen For Intuitive Navigation Of Digital Content

 This car multimedia player offers a user-friendly and intuitive experience, making it easy to access and navigate your digital content on the 10.25-inch touchscreen. The screen also has a screen mirroring function, allowing you to display the screen of your compatible smartphone on the player's screen.

Plays Music, Video And Navigation Apps Wirelessly

This Euronavigate 10.25-inch car multimedia player for Range Rover Evoque allows for wireless connectivity with compatible devices, making it easy to play music, videos, and navigation apps with no cables or external devices necessary. Drivers can quickly and safely control their entertainment while driving.

 Its high-quality audio and visual features, convenience, and safety make it an excellent choice for those who want to upgrade their in-car entertainment system.

Euronavigate 10.25 inch 11.0 android car multimedia player for Range Rover Evoque
Built-In Fm Radio With Rds Function And Digital Clock Display

 This car multimedia player also includes a built-in FM radio with an RDS function for accessing station information. It also has a digital clock display, making it a convenient all-in-one entertainment and navigation system for your car.

360 degree panoramic ALL surround - view 3D bird eye car cameras for Land Rover  The 10.25 inch 11.0 Android car multimedia player for the Range Rover Evoque is a top-notch option for upgrading your in-vehicle navigation and entertainment experience. With its first-class visual and audio features, safety aspects, convenience, and included vehicle dashboard mounting kit.

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