Euronavigate Car 10.25" inch 11.0 android car head unit with new interface - Vogue L322 2005-2012 Retrofit Aftermarket Accessories
Range Rover Vogue L322 (2002 - 2012): A Technological Leap Forward

The luxury car world. Always changing, always evolving. And the Range Rover Vogue L322? It's not sitting in the rear-view mirror of innovation. This classic gem from the epoch of 2002 to 2012 takes a massive tech stride into the future, courtesy of the Android 12.0 head unit. We're not just talking minor tweaks. No. This is a metamorphosis, a revolution in how we perceive the drive.

Connectivity Beyond Limits

Promising cutting-edge connectivity, Range Rover drives the future with integrated WIFI/SIM. Whether you're darting through urban canyons or battling rugged terrains, the world is just a touch away. And it doesn’t stop there! RAM options? Choose from a sprightly 2GB or a monstrous 6GB for the ultimate interface dynamism. Storage-wise? A spectrum, from 32GB right up to a mammoth 128GB. That’s enough space to store... well, a lot!

Streamlined Connections for Today’s Driver

But there’s more! Two nimble USB ports paired with iDrive, neatly aligning with modern needs. And for the Apple devotees? Carplay. Your iPhone's universe, mirrored, right in your car. Simple, neat, brilliant.

Specifications That Speak Elegance & Efficiency

Easy Installation: No fuss. No mess. Just plug-and-play.
Optimized Viewing: A luxurious 10.25-inch screen, crystal clear from every conceivable angle.
Powerhouse Performance: Android 12.0. An 8-core CPU. Need we say more?
Media & Entertainment: From MP3 to JPEG, your entertainment diet is covered.
High-Resolution Video: HD/SP? Oh, the clarity!
Seamless Interaction: Responsive multi-touch screen? Check. Enjoyable experience? Double check.
Bluetooth Capabilities: Music. Calls. All hands-free.
Original Car Functionality: Vehicle data? Original functions? All integrated.
Steering Wheel Commands: For tunes, channels, and volume, all at the flick of a finger.
Big Screen Entertainment: Phone meets car screen. Magic ensues.
Stay on Track: Full-screen navigation. Google Maps. Never lose your way.
Internet on the Move: Socialize on the go with Whatsapp, Twitter, and more.
Apple CarPlay: The soul of your iPhone, reincarnated on wheels.
Revolutionary Sound: DSP system. Sound precision at its finest.
Mirror Linking: Android. iPhone. United in tech matrimony.


And so, for owners of the iconic Range Rover Vogue L322 (2002 - 2012), this isn't just a fresh coat of paint. It's a reimagining. The road beckons with promises of unparalleled luxury, entertainment, and connectivity. Don’t just drive. Elevate.


How do I install the Android 10.25 infotainment upgrade in my Range Rover Vogue L322?

  • The Android 10.25 infotainment upgrade can be installed by a certified Range Rover technician. Contact your local

Is the Android 10.25 infotainment upgrade compatible with all Range Rover Vogue L322 models?

  • The Android 10.25 infotainment upgrade is compatible with all Range Rover Vogue L322 models manufactured from 2002 - 2012.

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