Euronavigate Car Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Module (HVAC) - A Necessity For Range Rover Owners Aftermarket Accessories

Range Rover owners who want to stay comfortable on their journeys should consider investing in touch screen air climate control module for their vehicles. Touch screen air climate control module are designed to keep the interior of the vehicle at a comfortable temperature, no matter the weather outside. Let's take a look at how this system works and why it's so important for your Range Rover!

Euronavigate touch screen air conditioner climate control panel for Range Rover Evoque

How Does The Unit Work?

With the Air Climate Control system, the interior of the vehicle is kept at a comfortable temperature, no matter the conditions outside. It utilizes a complex network of sensors, valves, and controllers to tailor the driving experience to the user's exact specifications. This means providing a stable climate throughout the interior of the vehicle. This is all to ensure that the cabin is adequately cooled or heated for maximum comfort. The addition of a CD slot allows drivers to enjoy their favorite music while on the road. The system's easy-to-use interface allows drivers to quickly adjust the air climate with just a few taps.

Euronavigat 1st generation air climate control with CD slot for Range Rover Sport L494


  • Supports original CD system with HD IPS wide-angle hard screen.
  • Supports dual-mode system allowing to change day and night modes.
  • Supports temperature volume control, front and rear seat temperature control mode, air conditioner switch, etc.
  • The unit has a simple, yet attractive and easy-to-control display allowing keep the original function of your car. 

Euronavigate air conditioner touch LCD climate control for Range Rover Sport L320

How To Use Guide 

  1. Reach the Climate screen by touching the Climate icon on the lower touchscreen. Activate the climate function: touch to access the climate screen.
  2. Power. Touch to turn the climate control on or off.
  3. front & Rear seats: tap Front/Rear to switch between climate menus.
  4. Sync. If you choose to sync, you can ensure the climate settings of both the front and rear passengers are in sync with the driver's settings.
  5. Air distribution to the front windshield. With just a single touch, you can switch on or off the air distribution to the front windshield icon.
  6. Air distribution to the face. Turning on or off the air distribution to the face can be done by simply touching the icon.
  7. Air distribution to the feet. Touch to turn on or off air distribution to the feet.
  8. Heated rear window icon. If you touch the heated rear window icon, you can choose whether to switch it on or off. It'll deactivate automatically after a set amount of time, based on the weather conditions.
  9. Cabin and front seat temperature. Keep the cabin and front seat temperatures just right with the temperature control displays on the dash using the Heated Seats and Climate Seats options. 
  10.  Rotary controls. If you wish to change the temperature in your cabin or seat, you can easily do so with the help of your rotary controls. By pressing and holding them, you can switch between temperatures, and rotate them to make the necessary adjustments.
  11. Blowe speed control. The blower speed control icon is an important feature, enabling you to switch the blower speed adjustment on or off, as well as manually adjust the blower speed by rotating the passenger rotary control. If you make a manual blower speed adjustment, the passenger rotary control display will go back to the temperature setting.
  12.  Heated windshield. Activate or deactivate by simply touching it. However, if it is left on, it will shut off automatically after a certain time, the length of which is determined by the outside temperature.
  13.  MAX soft key. By touching and holding the MAX soft key, you can activate or deactivate the maximum defrost setting for the windshield.
  14.  MAX A/C soft key. To switch on or off the highest A/C mode, simply press and keep your finger on the button for a moment.
  15.  Recirculation. Recirculate air in the car by touching the icon. Select timed recirculation with a quick tap, or latched recirculation with a long press. The timed option turns off automatically.
  16.  Air ionization. Air ionization can be activated by touching the icon specifically for that purpose.
  17.  AUTO soft key. Touch the AUTO soft key to switch to the fully automatic mode. Depending on the specifications of the vehicle, you can customize the available options for the AUTO mode using the Climate Settings menu. To access this menu, simply go to the Climate Settings menu. 

Tips For Drivers

To keep your car running at its best, maintain regular air conditioning maintenance. It is important to change your air filter, clean your cooling coils, and top up your refrigerant every few years.

Final Thoughts

Owning a Range Rover Sport is a privilege, and with that privilege comes the responsibility to maintain the vehicle. One of the most important parts of maintaining a Range Rover Sport is having a properly functioning air climate control system. Now armed with all of these tips, you will be better equipped to choose the optimal unit and make full use of it, as you know exactly how to pick the right model. 

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