Installed a new generation 12.3" inch android car head unit for Range Rover Sport L494


Year - 2013 2017

Op/Sys - 11.0 OS

Network - WIFI/SIM RAM - 6/8GB

ROM - 128GB

iDrive - enable Carplay - wireless




Plug and play easy to connect.

*Screen Size: 12.3 inches with leather frame.

*Operating system: Android 11.0. CPU: 8 core

*Memory: 6GB / 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM.

*Full access to the car`s original OEM menu with full integration: it will keep all original car systems, which means it will keep all original car functions. Original car system + Android system (free switch as you want) Built-in functions to control air conditioning, massage, FM radio, etc.

*High resolution, multi-touch screen, 1920*720 HD 1080P /4K ISP screen with dual-zone function.

*Support wireless carplay function: Carplay is the smarter and safer in-vehicle interface to operate your phone, make phone calls, and listen to voicemail. Send and receive texts and listen to music calls in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road.

*Mirror Link Function: Support mirror link, you can connect your android and iPhone.

*Support Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G internet, can keep connected through Whatsapp Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Gmail, and other Google services. Support thousands of software downloading from the android market.

*Supports the full-screen display of navigation maps and is easy to use. Built-in navigation, GPS and support Google map, IGO, Sygic Waze, and other GPS programs

*Built-in camera video input for you to connect after-market rearview camera for safe parking. Stock car camera, and parking sensors, built-in 360 panorama function, support original, and aftermarket 360-degree panoramic 3D bird-eye car cameras.

*Support steering wheel control function: Support original steering wheel control easy to switch songs, and channels and adjust volume, providing you a safer and more enjoyable journey.

*Bluetooth hand-free phone call synchronizes contact list. You can connect Bluetooth and USB to your phone to enjoy a big-screen video player and music.

*Support AUX-IN Audio, With 2 USB ports. Media format: MP3/ MP4/ WMA/ JPEG, etc..

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12.3" inch 11.0 android car multimedia player for Range Rover Sport L494

12.3" inch 11.0 android car multimedia player for Range Rover Sport L494

12.3" inch 11.0 android car multimedia player for Range Rover Sport L494





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